About Us

Moving people and the things that matter to them together.

We are an organization that believes in serving humanity collectively.

arcab is a mobility service that helps commuters who want to move daily from point A to point B by reducing the gap between expensive private transport, crowded public transport and achieves this through optimized routes, affordable transit, and comfortable travel in premium vans. With the arcab app, you can track your van in real time, set reminders, gain achievements for free rides and enjoy free WiFi on the go.

At arcab we are a team that believe in crafting cultures, fostering change and disregarding norms. We believe in crafting an experience for our users that integrates into everyday life and just fades away, while also striving to protect our users’ privacy and stay responsible to mother nature. We will take any and every moving opportunity that will enable us to serve groups of people at once, through different services built on the arcab platform. 


Dubai Media City
United Arab Emirates